OGA Quake PIT 2 by AMD and Sapphire is a single elimination, one on one Quake Champions online tournament. The event will be held on February 16 and February 17, with four matches played per day. Quarterfinal matches will be played on day 1; semifinal, grand final, and third-place matches will be played on day 2. All matches in the tournament will be played in the best-of-five duel game mode.

Veteran Quake commentators Alexander ‘Jehar‘ Popa and Xavier ‘zoot‘ Dhorne will be taking care of casting duties for the event.

The prize pool for the tournament will be 1500 USD, distributed as follows:


1st 750 USD
2nd 360 USD
3rd 250 USD
4th 140 USD

We’re proud to announce that the following players will participate in OGA Quake PIT 2 by AMD and Sapphire:

  • serious
  • Cooller
  • K1llsen
  • Toxjq
  • Raisy
  • Cypher
  • Vengeur
  • Xron

OGA Quake PIT 2 is brought to you by AMD and Sapphire Technology, with support from our generous sponsors:


Fractal Design



Red Bull